Download Digital Worksheets
How do I access the Digital Worksheets?
To download the Digital Worksheets included in our Calligraphy Starter Kit, please click here.

You will be able to access the Worksheets by entering the Username & Password provided with your Starter Kit.
Delivery Q&As
What is the estimated delivery time frame for Royal Mail First Class?
The estimated delivery date for standard Royal Mail First Class is somewhere between 1 to 5 working days at the moment. Moo Collection has no control over this as Royal Mail has been really busy since the lockdown and they probably haven’t been able to optimize their system to meet this new demand due to Covid-19.

Is standard Royal Mail First Class a tracked service?
No, this is a non-tracked service.

What is the estimated delivery time frame for standard Hermes?
The estimated delivery date for standard Hermes is between 2 to 4 working days.

Is standard Hermes a tracked service?
Yes, this is a tracked service.

Do you guarantee a next-day delivery service when I choose that option?
Yes, we guarantee a next-day delivery service if you choose that delivery option and place your order before 12:00 pm.

How do you ensure that your shipping is carbon-neutral?
Moo Collection would like to grow and thrive with Mother Nature. We donate 4% of our profit to plant more trees and support reforestation projects. This is more than enough to cross out the emissions from the shipping of our products. So it is actually not a carbon neutral shipping from Moo Collection, but a carbon positive shipping.

Nibs Q&As
How do you clean the protective layer on a new nib?
I would recommend using a tiny bit of toothpaste (the more eco-friendly way) and use an old toothbrush or cloth to scrub gently for about 30 seconds. Rinse the nib with warm water and it will be good to go. You can also use washing up liquid instead of the toothpaste and follow the same steps to clean the new nib.

Do you have any tips on how to maintain the nibs?
After every use, clean the nib immediately to prevent the ink from drying on the nib. Place the nib under running warm water and that should wash away all the ink. No fancy nib cleaning liquid is needed. Do not forget to dry your nib to prevent it from rusting.

What are the best ways to dry my nibs?
It is recommended to use cloth that is made of a more absorbent material like 100% cotton or microfiber cloth in order to absorb the moisture from the nibs properly. It is also a good practice to have a designated small cloth to dry the nibs.

Calligraphy Starter Kit Q&As
Is your calligraphy starter kit really plastic-free?
We try to use as less plastic as possible. Our pen-holder is made from wood where a standard starter kit elsewhere usually comes with a plastic pen-holder. The Moon Palace Sumi Ink jar is made from glass and the cap is made from aluminum, both recyclable. The only lastic bit comes from the thin layer inside the aluminum cap to prevent the ink from leaking. All the packaging for this kit is made from recyclable cardboard and paper. Moo Collection would like to grow and thrive with Mother Nature.
Wax Stamps Q&As
How many wax beads do you need to create a wax seal?
To create nice round seal, you would need three beads for a 25mm stamp and four beads for a 30mm stamp.

Do you have any maintenance tips for the wax melting spoon?
The bottom of the spoon can sometimes go a bit black because of the soot from the flame but that won’t affect the functionality of the spoon. I would wipe the bottom of the spoon with a wet towel after and dry it with a dry towel after. I would not recommend washing the spoon as you need to let it dry very well after. When melting the wax beads, I prefer using tea light candles made from soy wax or other plant wax instead of paraffin as they burn cleaner and produce less soot. They also burn longer. 🌍

Do you have any tips on creating wax seals?
To get a nice round seal, make sure that you use the right amount of wax beads and pour it in a circular shape. In order to get nicer seals without many air bubbles, make sure that your wax does not sit too long in the spoon. Only the wax beads in the spoon are melted, you should pot them out immediately. If you think your wax is bubbling too much on the spoon, remove the spoon from the flame and the melting pot, let the melted wax settle for around 10 seconds before you pour it out. If you are not happy with your wax seal, you can remedy it again in the spoon to create a nicer one.

When is the ceramic placemat needed?
The ceramic placemat is handy when you plan to create a batch of wax seals for later use. The smooth cool surface of the placemat ensures that you can remove the wax seal easily without breaking its shape. Melt your wax beads as usual and pour them onto the placemat. After the stamping process, wait for it to cool down and you can remove it from the ceramic surface easily.

Why do you offer soy tea light candles in your stamping kit?
Soy wax is non toxic and produces clean burning. The normal tea candles are made from paraffin wax, which is a by-product of petroleum and it is not a sustainable choice. We sourced our tea light candles from a local supplier, ensuring that they are made in the UK.