I have always been passionate about creating beautiful things that are sustainable and eco-friendly. For me, calligraphy is a form of expression which is elegant, unique, timeless and romantic. I like to imagine a big smile on the recipient's face when they receive my handmade card finished with calligraphy lettering. I believe that when someone receives a card adorned with beautifully handwritten words, the recipient is able to feel the energy of the calligrapher; the heaviness and lightness of each stroke forming the words on the card. Therefore, this makes every card more personal and less machine-like. Is that not the whole point of sending cards to your loved ones? To convey your emotions through written words? No matter how advanced the world is around us, printed words cannot replace the sentiments of beautifully handwritten words.

Wedding is a very special occasion for a couple. Therefore, it would be an honour for me to be part of your wedding preparation. Incorporating calligraphy in wedding invitations gives them a personal finishing touch since calligraphy is timeless and unique, just like every relationship. I like to create invitations that reflect on the story of your relationship. Perhaps both of you share the same affinity towards the stars because you had special moments under the starry night during a camp trip. The invitations will then reflect on a celestial theme. For me, I care about the entire process of creating these invitations for you, from envisioning the design, creating the prototype, producing the final piece using recyclable materials, envelope addressing and delivery to your guests.

Most importantly, all the products will be shipped using eco-friendly packaging that can be recycled and are plastics-free. Pretty things do not need to cost us the environment.

Tammy, from Moo Collection Calligraphy.